May 11, 2011

Ultrasound Test May - So Far So Good

We went in for a Level Ultrasound II test. So far we've been optimistic the baby will be fine this time. But this morning, my nerves got the best of me. All I wanted was it to be over. We went into the same doctor's office (a specialist) where we first heard about Sebastien, the same room. It was like it was yesterday. I said a prayer while the nurse was checking on various measurements of the baby then I realized, saying these same prayers did nothing for me last time.

The baby moved quite a bit, kicking it's legs, putting it's hand next to it's face which Olivia does when she sleeps. Then the nurse left.

When the doctor finally came in he said, "So far, everything looks fine." I felt like I could breathe again.

The Level II Ultrasound is primarily to tell if the baby has Down Syndrome. The doctor measures various parts of the baby. He said he didn't see any indication of Down Syndrome from his testing. (Rates increase for this as the mother gets older.) I still had to do some blood tests for it which I get back in a week. Last year I had the blood tests done and it showed a high probability for Down Syndrome. After the amniocentesis though, it showed that the baby was fine in this respect. So if you ever get the blood test and it comes back positive, don't stress out. There is a false-positive problem sometimes.

Anyway, we are scheduled for another Level II Ultrasound in the beginning of June. This is where the doctor can see the kidney function, where the baby takes over producing the amniotic fluid, where the problem with Sebastien occurred. This is the big one, for me anyway.

So for now, I'm living off of today's news and I'm thankful the test was okay. The weather was nice and warm outside, the air conditioning is on (which I love the sound of) and summer is coming. I'm pretty happy.