October 28, 2011

Don't Get Caught Under the Cherry Tree . . .

(I forgot to publish this posting in July. I still have a hard time believing this happened.)

Yesterday, our neighbor politely informed me we have a fruit tree thief in the neighborhood and her husband saw it first hand. The woman came into our front yard and picked ALL the cherries off from our cherry tree, cupped them in the bottom of her shirt and took off.

If someone wants a peach, an apple or a few cherries, fine! But the whole dang tree. Come on. It's a good thing I wasn't there. I would have sent my dog out there first to scare her (Emmy would have probably just ran past her to chase some squirrel) and then I would have ran after her, with my pregnancy belly and all. It's the principle, our yard isn't your yard and if you need some cherries, buy them at the dang grocery store like normal adults do. They're in season for crying out loud.

Anyway, I hate thieves.

When I went out to inspect the tree, there were a total of three cherries left on the top branches. Obviously, she couldn't reach them or they would have been gone too. I decided to taste one and luckily, they were really sour. I hope our cherries give her a nice stomach ache.

Next year, just like the postings I did called the Beverly Hillbillies of Scrap Iron, I will have to be watching behind my window when the culprit comes and this time, she'll learn not to mess with my cherries.

October 26, 2011

Follow Your Instincts When Seeing the Doctor

Yesterday, I went to see my OBGYN. He said if the baby doesn't come by the 39Th week he is going to induce that week. I told him I didn't like being induced with our daughter (which was necessary because she was 10 days late) but he said he is worried the baby may be big and could lead to a c-section if I wait. I should have said, I absolutely hated being induced.

Meanwhile, I did some searching on the Internet. The majority of websites, pretty much all of them, say a baby shouldn't be induced early based on the assumption it will be a big baby. Furthermore, I read on several websites that an ultrasound, especially toward the end, is not necessarily accurate regarding a baby's size and therefore, it's not recommended to induce early based on this. Many people have been told there baby is going to be 10 lbs from an ultrasound, are induced and it ends up 7 or 8. And there are plenty of women who have given birth to 10 lb baby's because the body prepares for this. However, I do agree a baby should be induced if it is medically necessary, like the woman has HBP or the baby is in distress, etc. Also, if the baby is past 42 weeks.

So I am a little upset. I'm due the day before Thanksgiving and my doctor will be away on vacation. He has every right to be with his family and should be but am I being induced for convenience because he's not going to be there? I have to believe no. I don't think this doctor would do something like this just for his own benefit.

Now the hard task is to tell him. He is very strong in his opinions but I have to do what feels right and to go to my next appointment with a strong attitude. Actually one of the risk factors with being induced is a stronger probability to have a c-section!

I can tell you, I'm pretty tired of seeing any doctors at all. When I went to see another doctor for something else last year, he prescribed a medication and told me it was fine even if I wanted to get pregnant or did get pregnant. Then I did some research and talked to my OBGYN before going to the pharmacy (I had a bad feeling about it/instincts) and low and behold, it can cause blindness for the fetus. I've also wrote about my doctor nightmare stories in an old posting several years ago on my blog where one prescribed me an addictive medication and then told me he never prescribed it when I asked about it. He was also 80 some years old and had suffered a stroke before I saw him so I can't totally say I was surprised.

Here's the point: Always trust your instincts and don't take medications or advice blindly. If something doesn't set well with you look it up on the Internet or ask other people. We need to believe in doctors because let's face it, without them we wouldn't have a chance and the majority try and get it right. But it doesn't mean you should follow someone blindly. Your instincts are usually right. You have choices. We all do. And if we don't look out for ourselves, who will?

October 24, 2011

When you're eight months pregnant, what do you do?

I have officially went into another phase of my pregnancy. I can't sleep for more than thirty minutes without waking up. If I stand for more than ten minutes, I feel nauseated and hot. I hate going to bed because every part of my body hurts when I sleep. I'm up until 1 in the morning watching endless zombie and Halloween flicks on AMC, FX and SyFi. (Don't ask why I like scary movies, my husband doesn't understand either. I have to literally make him watch them with me.) And the infomercials on at 1 in the morning are not much better: dehydraters, plastic wall moldings, The Magic Bullet, The Baby Bullet, and the Thunder Coat for Dogs. Not that I watch them for more than five minutes.

Yes, the world of the midnight, early morning people who are up and about (usually in a recliner) is not a fun world to be in. The television sucks, everyone in the house (including the pets) are either snoring or dead asleep. And I am here, waiting. Waiting for five weeks to come so I can breathe and sleep again. But it is part of the journey, right? I know I sound like I'm complaining a lot. But being eight months pregnant is hard. You're more than ready to get the job done.

I went to another ultrasound last week and the baby is NOW 7 lbs. 10 ounces. The doctor said I'm just going to have a big baby. Maybe he's going to be as tall as a basketball player, who knows? Our daughter is really tall. The doctor isn't worried about diabetes because he said the head and stomach are the same size. Meanwhile, I guess it's back to sitting in a chair, waiting for a contraction to start.

If only men knew what they were missing.

October 10, 2011

An Update on Baby 3

I do not have gestational diabetes. Quite happy about it. I was on the borderline with the one hour test and I had to go back to the hospital for the three hour test. It was not fun!

I had to fast and then drink a bottle of fruit punch that tasted like half of it was sugar. Each hour they tested my blood. By the time I was done, I was like get me out of here. Three hours sitting in a hospital waiting room is boring no matter how many good magazines they have, and they didn't have very many. After reading Golf Digest and some medical magazines describing the advances in medical technology for the first hour, I was ready to move on or fall asleep. Then I wandered around the hospital for the next hour. Finally, one of the nurse's took pity on me for the third hour and led me back to a break room with a recliner and television. Now that was waiting in style.

So it came back fine. I guess I'm just going to have a big baby or an early baby. Apparently, big babies run on both sides of our families, along with a thick head of hair so it's a given I'm going to have a big baby with a mohawk. But at least he will be healthy and after you have one that isn't, it makes a difference.

October 8, 2011

How cute and hopeful

Yesterday, my 5 year-old daughter and I were watching Animal Cops on Animal Planet. If you think about the people with the 30 uncared for cats, it's pretty much the circumstance. Anyway-

She asked why the humane society was taking the woman's cats away. I told her the woman couldn't afford to take them to the vet so she asked the humane society to come and rescue them. She said, "Doesn't she have any lemonade?"

"Lemonade?" I ask.

And then I got it. In her 5 year-old mind she thought the woman could set up a lemonade stand and get the money.

Children are pretty cute.

October 4, 2011

Finding Hope: A New Kind of Bachelor/Bachlorette

Set-up: At the end of the book when everything is resolved, Hope finds out Gina is leaving the company to start her own business: a dating service for the other half of society. This is just the dialogue without the extra stuff added in yet.

“Hope, you’re the one who gets an adrenaline rush from business deals. I just happen to get mine from uniting societies’ misfits. Strange and degenerate people are out there looking for relationships just like everyone else.

“And who would be the model for your brochures, Quasimodo?”

“Laugh my friend, but the beautiful people in this world only make up a small percentage. The rest of us deserve to find love, too.”

“So now you’re including yourself in this strange and degenerate category?”

“Well,” Gina reasoned, “I do have to relate to my customers. I feel I can go either way.”

“Fine, you’re going to do what you want no matter what I say.”

“You’re right, so let me try some slogans for my new company out on you. First one,” Gina said opening her notebook, “for the lost, lonely and confused.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that will hit it big.”

Gina looked through her notebook, “Okay, how about this one. There is someone for everyone, even you.”


“Fine,” Gina said, “here’s my third one. Don’t let your looks get you down because that special man can be found.”

“No, excludes the men finding women scenario.”

“I have one more. You might be ugly, you may be homely, but there is someone just like you out there to love.” Gina looked up and smiled. “I like that one.”

“Nobody wants a homely person Gina, even if they look homely.”

“Well, then which one is my best one?”

“I think you better keep working on it. But I’m proud of you, Gina. I think everyone should pursue their talents and you really do have a talent to see the potential in all kinds of people.”

“So you think I’ll make it,” Gina smiled proudly.


“Thanks a lot.”

“Sorry, Gina, I just don’t think there is a market out there for weird people. Don’t get me wrong,” Hope said, “I think there are plenty of weird people out there. But do they know they’re weird? Now that is a different matter.”