April 7, 2014

Chewie and Tigger are 18!!

Chewie and Tigger
Chewie and Tigger turned 18 on April 4th! I am very proud. I have had the two since they were born. Chewie had a heart attack when he was sedated once, almost died. Tigger almost died and was opened up to see what was going on because he wasn't eating. We put him on medication and he made a full recovery. Doctor said it was a miracle.

Now, Chewie has cancer (had an ultrasound) and Tigger has cancer or something? When the doctor had opened him up he said something was wrong with a connective duct. Tigger had made a full recovery but it finally caught up with him. Not sure how long he will last. We are feeding him with a syringe and giving him water with an IV. He still is up and down so we haven't given up quite yet. He still has quality of life.

If anyone questions why we work so hard to keep our pets alive when there are so many who need a home the answer is, they are part of the family. It is a very hard process. To say goodbye to a pet or a person is quite horrible. If Tigger is in pain, we will make the hard decision to euthanize him. But like I said, it hasn't gotten to that yet. And Lord, I do not look forward to that day!

I haven't written a lot of posts lately. So much is happening right now. I do send messages and funny little things with Facebook so you can always send me a friend request. I will start writing more for my blog once we see how everything goes with Tigger. I can't complain though. They made it to 18! I begged God to let him live until his birthday and he did. I gave both of them a great life full of love, medical care, quality food and being held - always! They never knew what an animal shelter or pound was like, they were never lost or scared, they never were hungry or cold. I have to look at the bright side. I will still miss them (of course) but in the end, I gave them my best.