April 7, 2013

The Things Children Say

On the way to dropping our 7 year-old daughter off at a friend's birthday party, held at a dance studio, I went through some safety precautions. "Stay in the studio after the party until we get there. Don't go outside. Be safe. Etc. Etc." Somehow we got on the subject of noticing your surroundings if you are ever lost or someone takes you. "Make sure you look around. If there is a McDonald's on the corner or a library down the street. See what's around you."
"So noticing a trash can probably won't work?" she asked.
"Um, probably not," I said.

April 4, 2013

Once In Awhile You Get a Break

Several months ago, we realized our 16 year-old cat, Tigger, was losing weight. He wasn't eating and he was becoming a skeleton. The doctor told us we could either try some anti-inflammatory medicine to see if it changed or do a quick exploratory surgery. I've had Tigger since he was born in 1996 and ever since then (almost every night) he has slept on my arm at night. He is the one that seeks me out when I come home. He is like my little buddy. I was pretty upset.

Now you may say, "What do you expect at 16 years-old?" But when it comes to a loved one, human or animal, it always, always hurts. And you grasp at straws so to speak.

We decided to do the exploratory surgery which wasn't as bad as it sounds. We never did it with our other cat, Ghost, and it turned out to be a mistake because we never knew what was wrong with him when we died. I am glad we did this with Tigger. The doctor found that the connective vessels connecting some of his vital organs are damaged. He doesn't know if it is cancer or what because he can't do a biopsy or mess with them since they are so delicate and small, like the size of a strand of hair. He said it would probably be only a few weeks to a few months he would live.

But! And there is good information here if you are a pet owner. He put Tigger on an anti-inflammatory (Prednisolone), hopefully, to take down the inflammation of the connective vessels. He put him on an appetite stimulant which is actually a human anti-depressant to increase his appetite (Mirtazapine) and we gave him NutriCal, a vitamin supplement for pets from Pet Smart which has had a lot of good reviews. He also has dry food at all times and three times a day we fed him a little (or as much as he would eat) Prescription Diet CD wet food to try and get some food in him any way we could. Guess what? Since the operation several months ago, he has gained 2 pounds and looks normal. Mind you, who knows what is going to happen with the damaged connective tissue. But at least! At least! He has quality of life and is back to his old self. I am telling you about all of these (somewhat boring) medications because again, as in other posts, it is good to know if you have a pet.

I am very happy! I have more time regardless of what happens. And after all the death around us lately, it is a blessing no matter how you look at it. Daisy, our dog, died in November. So I clung to Emmy (our other dog) and gave her extra attention. A month later, Chewie almost died under anesthesia, so I gave him extra attention. Then a few months later, Tigger was going to die so I paid extra attention to him. It has been a roller coaster!! In any case, I am thankful for a brief reprieve and will take what I can get. Thank you God or life, for giving us a little hope.