August 31, 2007

Bubba This and Bubba That

All day last week, Olivia kept on shouting, "Bobbie, Bobbie." We were like, "Who is Bobbie?"

Yesterday, at her daycare, the teacher said, "Oh you know what? She must mean one of the toddlers we have in here named Bubba. You know him don't you?" "No," I said. "Everyone knows Bubba," she went on. "Are you sure you don't know Bubba?" "No, I don't know Bubba."

She looked puzzled. "He's the really, really big baby. His mother calls him Bubba because the child eats all day." And Olivia loves to eat therefore, I guess she has an eating buddy and is quite fond of Bubba. So our daughter now can say five words: mama, daddy, kitty, doggy and the ever popular Bubba!

She must be thinking of her buddy, Bubba.

1 comment:

Kriss said...

Am I the only one who thinks it's GOD AWFUL to give your own child the nickname "Bubba"?!?! Ugh.

Olivia is such a beautiful little girl - she looks like she could charm an ice cube out of an Eskimo! :)