May 25, 2013

Well M'am . . .

Yesterday, I went to Jewel Osco, a grocery store to buy a few items to make pizza. What a trip! I couldn't find the pizza sauce so I gingerly asked a young man, maybe he was still a boy who knows?, if he knew where the pizza sauce was located in the store.

"Well, certainly m'am. I can take you right on over there."

"Wow, didn't know I would get an escort."

He takes me to the pizza sauce section and waves his hand all around the pizza sauces, "Well, here you go. I would recommend this brand," he points (which is the Jewel Osco brand of course), "for its flavor and economical price."

I look at him and then around. Is there a camera around here and I'm being punked on some show.

"Well, thank you, I guess. I'll take that one then. Do you know where the pepperoni is by chance?" I figured I might use and abuse my personal shopping guide.

"Why certainly, m'am," he says taking me across the store. "By the way, here is a brochure of movies going on. Only $1.00 this summer."

"Okay," I say. He hands me a brochure for discounted summer movies in another town. Why, you got me.

"Here we go m'am," he points to the pepperoni in Vanna White style. "I would recommend this brand," he points again to the Jewel Osco brand, "for it's flavor and economical price."

"Sure," I say.

I go off on my merry way and then realize I forgot the cheese for the pizza. I head back and who is RIGHT in front of the cheese stocking the shelves, my handy dandy personal man/boy shopper.

"I guess I forgot the cheese for the pizza," I say.

"Well, m'am. Here you go. I recommend the Italian cheese over the mozzarella." Again, he points to the Jewel Osco brand. "For the flavor and economical price."

By the time I'm done with my little escapade, I realize two things. One, the man/boy is a little off. But that's okay. I think those are the friendliest helpers stores can hire and they need a job. Second, that is the damn best service I've ever had at a grocery store in my life.

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