July 19, 2013

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Beautiful and energetic Noah
 That's me! I'm going crazy. Can I just say raising a boy toddler is a lot different than a girl! Can I hear an amen!

Last week, I put our toddler boy, Noah, in the playpen so I could safely go and get something in the kitchen. When I came back to the living room, he was sitting in the armchair pouring salt down the seat of the cushion. Ahhh! If there is a way to get out of something, get in to something, climb up something, destroy something, turn it over and spill it, draw on it, bang it, find it or destroy it - my toddler boy can do it!

Who me? I'm innocent.
Yesterday, I took my 7 year-old daughter and Noah to the library and we all went on a dinosaur type tour. The library is one of the best in the state. The first ten minutes was fine, then the flailing on the floor started to happen. I was holding his hand one minute, trying to get him to come with me, then he did a nose dive straight to the floor as a protest that he wanted to go in the opposite direction. Then, yes we all know it, the screaming started. And Lord, can my boy scream loudly! In the end, he got his way and we headed back to the Kids Room.

Yes, I love him! Yes, he's a charmer and amazingly cute. But with dropping crayons down the heating vent, throwing the remote control across the room a million times, putting dog food in the water bucket to mop the floor, pulling my daughter's hair, pushing over a gum display at a grocery store with a hundred packets of gum falling about, spitting out any green vegetables onto the floor at a restaurant, making me chase him at a county fair--- he is some kind of boy! :o)  I wonder with all of his energy if I can get him involved in a 5 hour sports team. Do they make those for toddler boys??

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