September 15, 2013

Ten Favorite Places

1. Hawaii  - If you were lucky enough to venture there you know why. I worked for United Airlines so I was able to go a few times. Lucky, yes! With the freshest pineapple you have ever tasted, a constant breeze which smells like the ocean and giant green mountains full of tropical flowers - it really is paradise.
2. The Library - There is something about a library, any library. Yes, it's quiet. But the amount of information there enables you to get lost in your own little world, preferably in a nice comfortable chair by a window.  
3. The Movie Theater - I love movies and every time I go I know for 2 hours I'm going to be entertained and lost in another world.
4. The Beach, Lake or Swimming Pool - I am definitely a water person. There is something peaceful about water even when you wash your hands with cold water on a hot day. If the theory of evolution really exists, I definitely was spawned from a sea creature. Hopefully, a cute one.
4. A Writing Conference - Being together with a bunch of people who are passionate about the same thing is always good, no matter what you like to do. There is a collective energy in the room and at writers conferences there is always hope, excitement, camaraderie and a wealth of knowledge to share.
5. The Outdoors, Reading a Book - I love sitting outside on a nice day, reading something. If the view is peaceful, it's all the more better. When you look at the sky, the fresh grass or the bright flowers - you know life is supposed to be simple and beautiful.
6. Listening to a comedian - Laughing is probably one of the best things in the world. If you can find someone who makes you laugh, it can make your day.
7. A Moment of Grace - I know everyone has experienced it a couple of times in their life if not a few times a year. It's when in that moment, everything is perfect and there is no place you would rather be. It can be a moment experienced when your child is laughing, accomplishing something you didn't think you could, experiencing something which tastes out of this world or being in the moment with a new love. It can even be riding your bike and feeling the sunshine or driving fast in a new sports car. With everyone it is something different and there isn't a lot of these moments in life so they are special. Moments of grace make you feel more alive than anything else.
8. Being With My Children In the Moment - I have a problem of getting distracted, thinking about the millions of things I need to do. So when I'm in the moment playing Barbie dolls with my daughter or playing trucks with my son and I'm not thinking about everything else, I feel blessed.
9. Feeling the Presence of God - I haven't experienced this very much in my life. But a few times, when I have been at church (I need to go more) and the music is going just right and there is an energy with the people singing, I feel moved. Like there has to be someone greater than who we are out there.
10. Traveling to a New Place  - Whether it's Disney World, Door County, a beach in Florida or a museum, there is something about discovering a new place. We are not the only ones out in this world and seeing new people, learning new things and even being in a new type of place I haven't seen before reminds me of how big this world is and how people and life exist all around. Different lives, different places but in the end, we are all just people trying to live our life the best we can.

So what are your ten favorite places to be? If you don't know them, you should. We all need to experience more terrific moments in our lives.

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