December 11, 2013

Going to Grandma's House

Noah at the Indiana State Fair
We are going to visit my husband's parents in Canada. It has been probably a year and a half since we've seen them and we are bringing Noah.

To get them prepared, we sent an email telling them to put everything which is breakable away and to lock the cabinet under the sink which contains dish washing soaps. Oh, and to also make sure the knives are put far enough away from the kitchen counter.

You see we have a toddler, plus he is overactive, and he doesn't sit still and he LOVES discovering things which he is not supposed to get into. He loves knives too, but it really is because he wants to cut things. Not people. Like apples and play dough. (Thank God.)

I fear they have no idea what is coming for them.

Noah is adorable. He is lovable. He is hilarious and is sure to be a comedian the way he loves to make people laugh. I love him and he is a mommy's boy. But he is also daring, impulsive, inquisitive, and obstinate.

Yesterday, I went to pay the cashier for his toddler pass to the gym. He took off running down the hallway, not looking back, going full throttle to make it to the racquetball courts. I chased after him, leaving my purse on the counter. Finally we get back and the cashier has me sign the credit card receipt. I let go of his hand and he takes off again, full throttle, for the racquetball courts. "You have your hands full," the cashier tells me. Don't I know it.

I am hoping it is a phase. That when he understands words he will suddenly realize it is not good to run off with abandonment. Maybe it is not a good idea to pull his sister's hair. And maybe it would be easier on mommy and daddy if he didn't scream when people are praying in church. Just maybe he will.

People don't believe me when I say he is high energy. They think, "He is just a toddler." But then when they take care of him, they know. He is very active. I know l00% he will never have a desk job. He is going to be a mountain climber or a builder. He will be going sky diving and race car driving completely for fun. Something definitely outdoors. When he was a baby we would sit outside and he would never, not once, cry. I've never seen a baby take to the outdoors like he has.

I try to remember it will get easier. He will eventually learn to be a little safer. If he ends up having hyperactivity or ADD, it is okay. I had a baby die at 8 months when I was pregnant. Give me a child with any type of problem over having one that dies, it is a blessing.

I just hope things go well in Canada. I hope they are prepared for the little whirlwind who is coming. He is crazy adorable but he is non-stop. It's just how it is. Wish us luck. They are going to be exhausted when we leave.

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