November 17, 2012

And So It Goes

So to live large and feel a little cozy, I decided to buy a small gingerbread shake at Burger King on the way to get Olivia at school. I love the holidays and what better way to think of Christmas and feel a little comforted (after Daisy) than a gingerbread shake. (We women drown our sorrows in either food, fashion, or tabloid gossip.)

Anyway, I pick our 6 year-old up from school and ask her if she would like some. "You have never had gingerbread before, have you? I'm not sure you'll like it."  "No," she said. "But I'll taste it." We get home and I realize she never gave me back the shake. She hands me an empty cup and says, "Well, I can definitely say I like gingerbread."

Thanks! I guess she will get the warm and fuzzy feeling of Christmas and I'll get . . . a cup of orange juice inside. Drats.

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