October 4, 2011

Finding Hope: A New Kind of Bachelor/Bachlorette

Set-up: At the end of the book when everything is resolved, Hope finds out Gina is leaving the company to start her own business: a dating service for the other half of society. This is just the dialogue without the extra stuff added in yet.

“Hope, you’re the one who gets an adrenaline rush from business deals. I just happen to get mine from uniting societies’ misfits. Strange and degenerate people are out there looking for relationships just like everyone else.

“And who would be the model for your brochures, Quasimodo?”

“Laugh my friend, but the beautiful people in this world only make up a small percentage. The rest of us deserve to find love, too.”

“So now you’re including yourself in this strange and degenerate category?”

“Well,” Gina reasoned, “I do have to relate to my customers. I feel I can go either way.”

“Fine, you’re going to do what you want no matter what I say.”

“You’re right, so let me try some slogans for my new company out on you. First one,” Gina said opening her notebook, “for the lost, lonely and confused.”

“Yeah, I’m sure that will hit it big.”

Gina looked through her notebook, “Okay, how about this one. There is someone for everyone, even you.”


“Fine,” Gina said, “here’s my third one. Don’t let your looks get you down because that special man can be found.”

“No, excludes the men finding women scenario.”

“I have one more. You might be ugly, you may be homely, but there is someone just like you out there to love.” Gina looked up and smiled. “I like that one.”

“Nobody wants a homely person Gina, even if they look homely.”

“Well, then which one is my best one?”

“I think you better keep working on it. But I’m proud of you, Gina. I think everyone should pursue their talents and you really do have a talent to see the potential in all kinds of people.”

“So you think I’ll make it,” Gina smiled proudly.


“Thanks a lot.”

“Sorry, Gina, I just don’t think there is a market out there for weird people. Don’t get me wrong,” Hope said, “I think there are plenty of weird people out there. But do they know they’re weird? Now that is a different matter.”

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