October 26, 2011

Follow Your Instincts When Seeing the Doctor

Yesterday, I went to see my OBGYN. He said if the baby doesn't come by the 39Th week he is going to induce that week. I told him I didn't like being induced with our daughter (which was necessary because she was 10 days late) but he said he is worried the baby may be big and could lead to a c-section if I wait. I should have said, I absolutely hated being induced.

Meanwhile, I did some searching on the Internet. The majority of websites, pretty much all of them, say a baby shouldn't be induced early based on the assumption it will be a big baby. Furthermore, I read on several websites that an ultrasound, especially toward the end, is not necessarily accurate regarding a baby's size and therefore, it's not recommended to induce early based on this. Many people have been told there baby is going to be 10 lbs from an ultrasound, are induced and it ends up 7 or 8. And there are plenty of women who have given birth to 10 lb baby's because the body prepares for this. However, I do agree a baby should be induced if it is medically necessary, like the woman has HBP or the baby is in distress, etc. Also, if the baby is past 42 weeks.

So I am a little upset. I'm due the day before Thanksgiving and my doctor will be away on vacation. He has every right to be with his family and should be but am I being induced for convenience because he's not going to be there? I have to believe no. I don't think this doctor would do something like this just for his own benefit.

Now the hard task is to tell him. He is very strong in his opinions but I have to do what feels right and to go to my next appointment with a strong attitude. Actually one of the risk factors with being induced is a stronger probability to have a c-section!

I can tell you, I'm pretty tired of seeing any doctors at all. When I went to see another doctor for something else last year, he prescribed a medication and told me it was fine even if I wanted to get pregnant or did get pregnant. Then I did some research and talked to my OBGYN before going to the pharmacy (I had a bad feeling about it/instincts) and low and behold, it can cause blindness for the fetus. I've also wrote about my doctor nightmare stories in an old posting several years ago on my blog where one prescribed me an addictive medication and then told me he never prescribed it when I asked about it. He was also 80 some years old and had suffered a stroke before I saw him so I can't totally say I was surprised.

Here's the point: Always trust your instincts and don't take medications or advice blindly. If something doesn't set well with you look it up on the Internet or ask other people. We need to believe in doctors because let's face it, without them we wouldn't have a chance and the majority try and get it right. But it doesn't mean you should follow someone blindly. Your instincts are usually right. You have choices. We all do. And if we don't look out for ourselves, who will?

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